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Historic Art from the Collections of the Creston Museum

Art Meets History at the Creston Museum

Art/History exhibit at the Creston Museum, Creston BC

This exhibit was originally presented at the Creston Public Library in February 2011.  We hope you enjoy this online version.
The Creston Museum

Creston Museum (James McDowell) - Creston Museum, Creston BC

Artist: James McDowell

Date: 2004

When a work of art depicts a real person or place, it becomes a record of a moment in time, in much the same way as a photograph.  Art, however, lets the artist speak for him or herself in a way that photographs cannot.

In this painting of the Creston Museum, for example, James McDowell has combined many elements that could never be captured in a single photograph: artifacts from several exhibits in the Museum; the building itself; even the fact that the Museum is bursting with local history.

The twenty-five works of art in this exhibit all depict some part of the Creston Valley, at some point in its past.  In some, the artists painted exactly what they saw; in others, art has altered history - or at least our perception of it.

The Creston Museum building, Creston BCOttawa Enginge, Creston Museum, Creston BC1921 Model T truck, Creston Museum, Creston BC

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