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Summer Students! - 2 May 2012

The big news of the day is that we've finally been notified about some of our funding applications for summer students! We've been approved for two positions. This is huge - we can't hire any students unless we know we've got the funding to pay them (the students kind of like getting paid!), and these announcements come just in the nick of time - because the jobs start on Monday!

So today, I contacted all the students who have applied so far, and I'm setting up interviews for the next couple of days. If you know a student who might be interested, have them check out the job posting on our website and get them to apply right away!

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These two positions are funded through Young Canada Works. I'm still waiting to hear about an applicatoin under Canada Summer Jobs, so I might have one more position starting later in May or even early June.  But that one's likely to have a really quick turn-around time, too, so get those resumes in!

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